Auto-Mobiles – 1981 – 1991

The Improvement Of Auto Mobiles

Anti Lock Braking System


What is An ABS System?

A Car Testing its ABS System

Generally the ABS provided better vechiles control and can sometimes also reduce
the stopping distances depending on the type of surface or terrain that the
vechile is on, also on snow and loose surfaces an ABS can increase braking
distance dramatically while still improving the vehicle control.

The First Working ABS for auto -mobiles was developed and created by german
manfactures around 1981. ABS (Antilock Breaking System) was first appeared on
cars and some forms of trucks made by mercedes which increased safety on
slippery surfaces. the main aspects of the ABS is to help the driver maintain
steering control when skiidding and to shorten the time in which it takes the
car to stop once the brakes have been applied – otherwise known as braking

ABS Seen inside a Car

Ever since the dramatic widespread of the produciton of auto -mobiles reffered
to these days as Vechiles or cars ABS has evolved strongly making driving on
different types of terrains generrally safer and more controlled. More recent
editions of ABS not only prevent Wheel Lock (Wheel Skiddinh once brakes have
been applied) but now control the rear and front brakes electronically – which
is reffered today as Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EDB) or Traction
Control Systems.




Hybrid Car Development


What is a Hybrid Car?

A Hybrid is a car that can use two or more types of fuel or power sources to

Toyota Hybrid

help move the car around. the term itself is used to refer to HEVS – Hybrid
Electric Vechiles which can combine combustion engine with electrical motors.
these are some of the types of power sources that hybrids can inlcude.
Coal, wood or other solid combustibles
Electromagnetic fields
Compressed natural gas
Human-powered vehicle|E.G pedaling
Hydrogen vehicle|Hydrogen
Liquid nitrogen vehicle
Petrol or Diesel fuel
Solar vehicle


Honda Hybrid

Manufacturers started developing cars that ran on other tpes of fuel instead on
petrol after they had relised that oil reserves will dry up in the future. They
began looking at engines that could use more two of more types of fuels sources
known today as Hybrid Cars. this idea began in 1997 but they didnt actually make
or release any of these cars untill 2002 by Honda and Toyota. the reason for
this was most likely the technology and the equitment availble to the engineers
at the time that didnt allow them to make there ideas reality in there time.




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