Auto-mobiles – 1911 – 1921

What is An Auto Mobile?


The Brush Runabout Auto Mobile - Made in 1911

An Auto Mobile is a wheeled motorised vehicle used for transportation. It carries
its own engine which is normally sitted at the front or rear end. The basic
description for an automobile is a form of transportation used to carry people
using four wheels, when actually it can be used to carry goods/items to variopus
locations. It is also said to be used only for roads but recently cars have been
used on rough terrains and some even can be used on water compared to the cars
used in the old days.

Ford Factory Mass Production

The Start Of Mass Production

Mass productions of motorised vehicles was pushed forward to a great extent
because of Henry Ford in the begining of 1914. Assembly lines a new styles of
mass production was pioneered from the U.S. which helped in faster large scale
contructions of Motor vechiles/Automobiles and other large inventions to be
finished in quick succesion. Minimising times and and the amount of money that
comapnies lost giving pay to those that contrusted the vechiles beforehand. This
also was a factor of industriliasation and the lose of many jobs durings this
era of new technological development.

The Results Of Mass Production

Cars started coming off the line in under fifteen minutes intervals which the fastest they have had compared to other methds tried in the past. Prodcutivity was increased greatly and less man power was needed as the only change was that people had to check the effeicientcy of the machines used – changing the oil, water, basic checks to keep the machines running smoothly.
The Safety Procedures that were reccomened when working inside a Mass Porduction facility also helped in minimising casualties and injuries to all types of staff. Each worker was assigned position in which they were to do there tasks which stopped people from roaming around dangerous working areas. “Fordism” a word used to describe the “combination of high wages and high efficiency” was born and was copied by alot of major industries.

A Slideshow of Some vehicles Mass Produced in 1911

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