Group Meetings

Week 1:

We were assigned a group brief to create a presentation to show “What happens through the 2 time periods”

Members Of The Group






*We First Discussed what parts of the research each of us will be doing.*

  • Sebastian – Music
  • Victor – Politics & War
  • Monika – Inventions
  • Serena – Art Movement
  • Toks – Auto Mobile

“We then started doing our research and documented it on the “Group Blog”

Week 2:

We came together and showed each other what research we collected about our time period and then had a discussion about it & what we could do to help each other..

Week 3:

Same thing again had another meeting and discussed what else we could do to help each other.

Week 4:

So now we had completed the first time period for each of our chosen “subject” and now discussed how we were going to create a final piece to show this idea..

So we started thinking of random ideas which we thought were pretty good, but we then decided to chose a simple idea. *The wheel*

Week 5:

By this time we started finishing the final period of the timeline “1981-1991”.

We also started creating the final piece to show 0the period *1911-1921*

Final Week:

Ready to do the presentati0n…


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